Pamela’s powerful story

Pamela’s powerful story

January 17, 2017 in General Leave a reply

I’ve met many inspirational, strong women in my career, and Pamela was one of those women. After eleven years of supporting her husband, Mack, through his cancer, Pamela received support from We Hear You, a cancer charity that provides counselling to anyone affected by cancer. Pamela had carried on and carried on, coping on the surface but finally something gave and one of her friends suggested she found some support. As Pamela told me ‘to kind of hold it all together, I put a life on things and I don’t think that’s very healthy. The main thing ‘We Hear You’ gave me was to just have someone there to listen to me. It was everything I needed at the time.’

Here is a video I shot and edited of Pamela telling her story.


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