Visual rebrand for WHY

Visual rebrand for WHY

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I was asked to look at We Hear You‘s use of photography and film and come up with a style that would get across what they do (cancer counselling) and give them a visual style that would differentiate them from other similar charities as part of their rebranding. I was then asked to shoot both photography and film for the launch of the rebrand, so an exciting project to be a part of.

I looked at a representative selection of eight competitor’s visual communications materials and assessed these looking at common themes running through the use of photography – such as single portraits, relationships (whether with patients and family and friends or patients and nurses/carers) and fundraising and events. Looking at the imagery I drew out the opportunities for WHY to explore in their new approach to photography and film that reflected the new brand, such as:

  • Documentary style imagery that is unquestionably real and gives an insight into the life of someone affected by cancer- the everyday inner struggle
  • Imagery that is multi-layered/complex/confusing that gives a sense of the complex emotional journey people go through and how they don’t feel connected to the ‘real world’
  • Portraits that convey the real, raw and complex emotions people feel – not just the safer, more positive emotions
  • Imagery that gives the sense of reaching out, helping, providing emotional support, showing the importance of supportive relationships
  • Imagery that shows the details of everyday life that may be important to people touched by cancer
  • Imagery that shows special or safe places

I provided example images to illustrate the opportunities and then provided my recommendations. It’s great to now look at the WHY website and other communications and see the impact of the photography and film that has been developed with the new visual style I recommended.

WHY visual rebrand

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