My unsung heroes

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My unsung heroes

Over the years I’ve met and photographed many inspirational healthworkers – intent on saving lives, despite working in extremely challenging circumstances in some of the world’s poorest countries. Many are working in underfunded health services, where lack of medicines is the norm, where the distances fro a sick child or a mum in labour’s village to the clinic is huge and where there is no transport to get them to crucial medical help.

The drive and compassion these people have is incredible – and has certainly inspired me.

As world leaders meet at the World Health Assembly in Geneva this week I just hope that they commit to plugging the gaping health worker hole in the countries that need them most. There is a global shortage of 3.5 million health workers. Just imagine how many lives could be saved if more of these inspirational individuals were where they are needed most.

As Dr Morou said to me one day in Niger, ‘It breaks my heart to see this crisis. We need to help these families and save the lives of children, so that the majority of these children – at least 80% – will be able to celebrate their fifth birthday in good health.’

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